What Is SoundTag

Find a picture amongst 1000’s in a second. Just SoundTag it!!

Does your gallery look like a haphazard collage of your professional and personal life with WhatsApp media bumpers? Does it take you hours to scroll down your 2k something photos to find that one memory? And sorting them into albums, well we ain’t got that kind of time. Now sort all your photos as you click them by quick tags – in just as long as it takes you to say cheese. Take a shot – Use the SoundTag app to record a voice tag – and sorted.


What’s Special

Add Audio Tag

Categorize your pictures from the gallery, by giving an audio tag to it. For e.g. you can audio tag your office pictures as “office”.


Search amongst 1000’s of pictures in seconds. Just call out the audio tag.


SoundTag app is extremely easy to use.. You are all set in 5 minutes!!


SoundTag is your new camera. Take pictures, add an audio tag and make your life simple.


Watch how SoundTag works


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The app is FREE!!

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SoundTag is available for Android devices. Download now..


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